As a business owner you might be constantly asking yourself these questions and about a hundred more.
At Intelligent Directions these are just some of the things that we help business owners to look at and improve.


Goal setting and execution

Do you set goals for the business but barely achieve them? We have a goal implementation program where we ensure that you achieve what you set out to. We sit down with you and help you to create your yearly goals, from that we break them down to quarterly goals and then based on the level of accountability that you need we come in weekly, fortnightly or monthly to run your team meetings to ensure that everything you are doing is in alignment with achieving those goals.

Improving process and systems

Do you feel like there are more efficient ways of doing things in the business but you don’t know where to start? Most small to medium businesses start because the owner/founder has skills in a particular area, once the business takes off they hire more staff to help keep up with the work but there is very little time to spend on ensuring you have the right processes and systems in place. We can do an analysis of your current business processes and systems and help you to implement more efficient ways of doing things so that you are able to streamline your practices.

Outsourced tasks and projects

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Most business owners reach a point where they are too busy to keep up but not busy enough to bring on a new employee. We can take on any of those projects that you have been meaning to do but haven’t had the time to do, think of us as like an outsourced assistant. We can do things like help you locate a new office, interview and hire staff, plan an event, do a competitor analysis and many more things.

Policy and procedure writing and role documentation

Is all your IP documented for all to see and use or do your staff just do things the way they think it should be done? Most small to medium businesses do not have their intellectual property documented which makes it very hard to on board staff, to scale and will even hinder you being able to sell the business. We can create all your policies, procedures and role descriptions for you by helping you to unpack all of that IP from your head and get it documented or we can train you and your staff on the most effective way to write it yourself so that you can become efficient at documenting all that IP yourself.

Strategic planning and management consulting

Do you know where your business is heading and how you are going to get there? Ever heard of the saying “fail to plan is planning to fail?”  There are a lot of business owners out there who struggle to articulate their strategy and get it executed. Without a direction and the know how to make it a reality most businesses will fail. We can help you to work out the strategic direction of your business and then help you to create a plan so that you know how to actually get there.

Increased business revenue and growth

Do you feel like no matter what you are doing or the effort you are putting in nothing is changing in the business? Most businesses reach a point in their lifecycle where they hit the “ceiling”, that point where no matter what you are doing you are struggling to keep up let alone growing. It can even happen multiple times throughout the business lifecycle. Each time a business hits that ceiling it can be because of many different things, through our tailored solutions we will help you to work out exactly what is causing the problems and put a plan in place ultimately increasing your revenue and enabling you to grow the business.

We help improve business by focusing on three key elements - Business Efficiency, Business Strategy and Business Growth. We create an intelligent direction for your business, to help your business get there.

Why Choose Us


“We believe there are 3 key areas that every business needs to master in order to be successful – Efficiency, Strategy and Growth.”


“We help our client’s set their goals and ensure they achieve them through a specifically designed goal implementation program.”


“We identify (or set up) metrics in the business, we advise you on what to measure and we help you to analyse it to help you grow.”

Intelligent Directions is a boutique business consultancy founded by Anthea Stevanovic.  With over ten years of management experience and 5 years of business consultancy experience, Anthea has helped over 150 businesses to improve their business operations, despite market conditions.

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