We exist to create abundance in the businesses, the lives, and the hearts of our clients.

We’re here to help you build a world where every person from the casual worker to the CEO loves going to work and is filled with passion, purpose, and optimism. Where every individual feels fulfilled and connected to a common goal.

Seeing your business grow and thrive is what drives us every day.

Intelligent Directions is dedicated to helping you and your business to thrive.

Our unique systems, perfected through working with over 200 businesses, is tailored to your particular needs, focusing on the areas you most need help, including structuring, management, strategy, process mapping and documentation, and external certification.

Our Services

We have created an ‘intelligent’ range of services that may be accessed independently, or combined, as a total business growth program. The common theme through everything we do is to help you thrive in your business and in turn, in life.

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Our Management System Program is designed to implement a structured way of running your business.

Business And Process Documentation

In this program, we document your company structure, your workflows, your systems and process.

ISO Consulting

If you need external and independent recognition for your business, or would simply like to gain a competitive advantage in the market,

Management Consulting

This is a bespoke consulting service where we integrate with your business on a project or contract basis.

Executive Development & Coaching

The people in the business make the business, sometimes a little extra is needed to get you and your team functioning at your best. A skilled coach can take people from good to great by helping to unlock their innate potential and overcome any road blocks.

Creating The Dream Team

Hiring staff is no easy feat – hiring the right staff that embrace your values, complement your existing team, bridge skills and attributes gaps, align culturally can feel like an insurmountable task.

Business Booster Program

The Business Booster Program is the ultimate holistic end-to-end service, incorporating our Management System Program the policy documentation program as well as taking care of the implementation and training for your team.

View Our Case Studies

Another construction client, Hall Group & Co., led by Cheyne Hall, is an exceptional residential and commercial building company.
TRADERY stated out as a plumbing company, priding itself on exceptional quality and efficient, thoughtful service.
Our construction client, Butopia is a high-quality building firm led by husband and wife team, Greg and Amanda.


It’s our aim to make the ID experience simple, uncomplicated and completely hassle-free for our clients, with a consistency of service and expertise they can trust.

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