Our construction client, Butopia is a high-quality building firm led by husband and wife team, Greg and Amanda. When Amanda joined the business, her corporate experience brought observations on how operations could be improved. She made some great suggestions for establishing systems and processes, but Greg didn’t have the time to create them and didn’t know of any contacts he could talk to who were using them in their businesses for advice.

Greg and Amanda both agreed that what they needed was an operations manual. Amanda began researching ‘how to write an operations manual’, and quickly realised the sheer scope of the job. At this stage, she was only working 2 days a week in the business and anticipated at that rate of progress it could take her years to complete. And it wasn’t as if she had two full days a week to dedicate to this, fully engrossed as she now was in the construction business.

One of our clients recommended Intelligent Directions at this stage, and we met up with Greg and Amanda. They saw immediately how our offer completely solved their problem, relieving Amanda to concentrate on her ‘day job’.

Our management style and leadership has improved – we now have exact ways of doing things, so we can pinpoint where the breakdown is and rectify it. Things are so much more simple because they are documented. I now feel like I own an actual business, it’s not just me. I feel more credible.

Greg Watt


Why Butopia chose ID

The guys were impressed with the detail and quality of our work and weren’t confident in creating the manual themselves to the same standard.

They loved how our service took on the whole project for them, without creating more work for them to do, which they had experienced with other consultants, who gave a lot of direction but stopped short of the hands-on, practical solutions we provide.

Greg and Amanda felt a positive connection with us and saw how we could augment their team with our services, which would allow them to get on with the important business of managing their workload and construction teams.

Business overview at time of ID engagement

Greg and Amanda’s description of their business at the time was that it was very “blue collar”.

They had 3 staff and 2 agency apprentices.

This was a small company, run verbally, with very old systems – collecting receipts in a plastic wallet. All communication was verbal, which caused miscommunication, they had no proper agreements in place, making it difficult to get paid in a timely manner, and a complete lack of project management software caused confusion and disorganisation.

The culmination of these uncoordinated operations resulted in a poor team culture and general frustration.

Greg and Amanda knew they needed to get the right people in place to help them create a sound foundation and take the business to the next level.

Working with ID

We knew Greg and Amanda needed real, tangible help without us adding to their stress. We immersed ourselves in the business, gathering all the information we needed, creating all of their systems, processes, policies and procedures, and presenting it to them as a completed job – all they had to do was look over the work with us and make a few final tweaks.

A process they found “really easy” and “not stressful” at all. The pace was really good for them and gave them the ability to implement properly and get things right. The guys felt great confidence in our capacity, knowledge and understanding of how businesses need to run. They very much appreciated our systemised way of doing things and our continued guidance throughout the process – and were surprised to find the whole process enjoyable!

What was the most valuable aspect of working with ID?

The timing was perfect. With Amanda joining the business and switching from having a job to managing and growing a business, our work was essential – they “wouldn’t have been able to build the business without it”.

Systemising the business gave Greg and Amanda a clear route to business growth, producing tangible results that gave them the confidence to build the business further. The whole team has benefited from the structure in the business as well as in each of their individual roles, empowering them to take ownership and be more creative.

I also now think, how would Anthea write this or do this?. You built the machine and I’m able to build on it and maintain it.


How Butopia benefited from working with ID

It’s easier to ask what parts of the business didn’t benefit, because it benefited every part of the business. It’s like the foundations of a house, how do they benefit the house? You wouldn’t be able to live in it if you didn’t have it.”


Our management style and leadership has improved – we now have exact ways of doing things, so we can pinpoint where the breakdown is and rectify it. Things are so much more simple because they are documented. I now feel like I own an actual business, it’s not just me. I feel more credible.


Outcomes produced by ID

Everyone’s capacity, efficiency and productivity increased, which led to significant business growth.

Butopia’s turnover increased by 7 times in the three years since we have worked together, and its ‘biggest project value’ increased by a multiple of 3.2. This increased visibility is attracting bigger and better projects, and they now have their sights on even bigger projects, which they are confident their smooth operations will help them achieve.

ID created a framework for the team to work within.

Butopia now has the right people in the business with the right culture, born of a strict criteria around hiring and staff development. This solid team culture of intent and responsibility means the team is able to run independently. No longer having to rely on agency staff, Greg and Amanda have grown the team to 9 full time employees – all with a dedicated sense of ownership and autonomy.

This has allowed Greg and Amanda more precious time with their family, to take holidays and work remotely if required, knowing everything will continue to run smoothly.

“We can support the team and their growth because we have the documentation, we have a recruitment process, induction process and then the documentation, systems and processes to support them throughout their career. We also have a clear progression path, and our staff want to progress.”

“What changed for us, personally was our mindset around having an actual business, going from a ‘blue collar’ to ‘white collar’ operation. It has changed the way we think and what we do. We have taken ultimate responsibility for how the business works.”

“At the start of our work with ID, we didn’t know just how beneficial it was going to be, now we have gotten a lot of benefits, but I bet in 5 year’s time we will experience even more benefits. There’s always more to learn and more to implement. It really feels like a proper business now.”

Greg & Amanda


  • Policy and Procedure Documentation program


Another construction client, Hall Group & Co., led by Cheyne Hall, is an exceptional residential and commercial building company, dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship.

Cheyne was about to open a Melbourne office for Hall Group & Co. and wanted to get a better understanding of how he could systemise the business to be able to scale, replicate, and be able to run itself.

Documentation and a management system was required to ensure every member of staff understood their roles and responsibilities as quickly as possible and particularly, for the Melbourne division to run with minimal input from Cheyne.

I think every business owner should be looking at implementing a business management system. If anyone asks me now, what I did to get to where I am, I tell them to invest into a good business management system and someone to help them set it up correctly.

Cheyne Hall


Why Hall Group & Co. chose ID

Cheyne was familiar with ID’s work and knew Anthea was well respected in our mutual network of business owners and leaders, so already had a good understanding of what ID provides. Cheyne felt we would have a good working relationship and shared similar values.

Business overview at time of ID engagement

When we began working with Hall Group & Co. in 2018, the business was run by Cheyne, his office and finance Manager Kirsty, and 2 other employees, operating out of a shared office. Work was a mix of residential and commercial building projects, with the main emphasis on lift installations.

Working with ID

Hall Group & Co. found our work together very effective. They liked our directness, with “no fluffing”, and appreciated that we deliver exactly what we say we will do.

You are always straight to the point – even if I don’t want to hear it”.


What was the most valuable aspect of working with ID?

The systemisation of the business allowed Hall Group & Co. to scale, introducing new services, and expanding into other states. Everything we created for the Sydney office was repeatable across each new location.

How Hall Group &Co. benefited from working with ID

The main benefit was creating the foundation that allowed Hall Group & Co. to scale. They were able to onboard new equity partners in a structured manner and follow the Hall Group ‘way’.

Our hiring and staff management processes enabled Cheyne to manage the teams in a more effective manner though the implementation of a sound structure and hierarchy, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. With all systems, processes, policies and procedures fully documented, every member of staff is now able to work to consistent standards, enabling efficiencies and smooth operations.

Outcomes produced by ID

Hall Group & Co. has achieved Cheyne’s vision of national expansion. The business has a management system in place which effectively runs the business, as opposed to Cheyne having to do everything.

We have removed risk from the business because our system documents how everything should be done, leaving nothing to chance, no ambiguity or licence for people to make things up as they go.

“Since working with ID, we have increased our revenue by a factor of 60, through our expansion into Victoria and Queensland.”

“We have registered building operations in 5 states, including ACT and Tasmania, we have an office in Victoria and have moved into a larger Sydney office with a factory. We now have 4 separate divisions of the business; Commercial Construction,” Residential Construction, Lift Installation, and Joinery and Installation.”

Hall Group & Co. now employs 60 staff, including a Marketing Manager, Project Estimator, Quantity Surveyor, and Architectural Building Designer. They have increased their output from 20 small projects, annually, to more than 60 large projects.

So, what changed for the business owners?

Cheyne believes he now has more of an understanding of business, that his people management skills have improved considerably, and he is confident in his ability to scale the business and using the system to help them react and pre-empt external forces.

“Right now, we have had to be a bit more cautious with covid and inflation, but we’ve managed to increase our margins while doing the same amount of work, as we have gained efficiencies through the system.”

I think every business owner should be looking at implementing a business management system. If anyone asks me now, what I did to get to where I am, I tell them to invest into a good business management system and someone to help them set it up correctly.



  • Management System Program
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation Program
  • (Essentially he completed the Business Booster Program, although this didn’t exist when he started with us)
  • Policy Maintenance Program
  • Management Consulting


TRADERY stated out as a plumbing company, priding itself on exceptional quality and efficient, thoughtful service. The company has recently expanded its proposition into a multi-trade business. The business is owned and operated by Cameron, with his sister, Steph as General Manager.

Cam and Steph needed help, realising the business relied so much on Cam that he was unable to take any time off and was creating a bottleneck. Cam was ready to start a family but couldn’t see a way to extract himself from the business, even for small amounts of time off.

The business felt disorganised – the team didn’t know what they were responsible for or what they needed to do. This meant that good staff were being pro-active, and doing way too much, while unproductive staff were getting away with doing very little as Cam and Steph had no visibility of work scheduling and allocation.

Cam was also doing way too much in the business, giving him no time at all to work on the business. He realised he was holding on to unnecessary work and not getting to the important stuff. This meant they had a really hard time getting the team to do the work to the standard required of them because there was nothing documented.

The result of all this was that Cam and Steph had employed people to do various jobs but ended up doing most of the work themselves.

We didn’t have the ability to know where the staff are at and how to handle them. We couldn’t performance manage or even talk to them effectively. Now we have a review structure and a framework to help them / train and mentor, which is really important to us.

Cameron Holmes


Why TRADERY chose ID

Intelligent Directions and TRADERY had known each other for a while and Cam and Steph had seen the results Anthea had produced with other clients. As they came to gain more of an understanding of our service, they recognised the need for our help.

Our Business Booster Program was exactly what the guys needed, and they knew the way we work was what we wanted – not just supply a system but implementing the system and providing the ongoing support. One of the aspects of our service they felt they needed was the ongoing accountability.

Ultimately, Cam and Steph felt stuck, that they had hit capacity, and “literally couldn’t do anything else”. They saw that by engaging ID they would be able to move forward at least 10 steps.

Business overview at time of ID engagement

The business at that time was plumbing only, sharing an office with two other businesses, and employing 8 staff – most of whom were not performing.

Working with ID

As the ‘engine room’ of the business Steph immediately appreciated working with us and felt it was the first time since she had joined the company that she had a partner who was aligned with her, who was process and systems focused – that she finally had some support.

Cam felt much more confident about making decisions as we established structures and strategies to expand and realise the business vision.

Both Steph and Cam find it very easy to work with us – that we are easy to talk to and relate to. They love having us as a sounding board and appreciate our real-world, experienced answers. They know we are flexible and adaptable to what they need, and feel very comfortable with us working as part of their team.

This was important, as you stripped the business back to the bare bones and re-built it. It was a very vulnerable position to be in, so the fact that you made it comfortable and are easy to talk to was really important.


You are really good at getting information out of us and helping us to formulate what the process should be. Good coaching, asking questions in different ways to make us think and formulate the answers. We didn’t just create the processes; we created the right ones that are going to see the business grow and scale.


What was the most valuable aspect of working with ID?

The accountability and focus we brought to the TRADERY business, with weekly meetings to track progress was incredibly important for Cam and Steph.

Implementing a thorough hiring and onboarding process for staff helped them to hire and build the right team.

Creating the vision and showing the guys what the business is actually capable of was a real turning point for the business. We set them up to be able to handle growth and scale quickly as the business required, creating structures, with managers who can be effective, giving them more time to actually run the business.

How TRADERY benefited from working with ID

The benefits for TRADERY are ongoing. One of the biggest complaints and frustrations of the staff was that they never knew what they were meant to be doing, but now that’s really clear.

We have created strategies, structure, and time, for the business to grow in a healthy and stable manner. Inefficient silos were identified and dismantled, and staff review processes have allowed unproductive staff to be replaced.

We didn’t have the ability to know where the staff are at and how to handle them. We couldn’t performance manage or even talk to them effectively. Now we have a review structure and a framework to help them / train and mentor, which is really important to us.

Cam & Steph

Outcomes produced by ID

Our work together (beginning in 2021), allowed TRADERY to thrive and grow through the pandemic, where many others couldn’t.

Cam and Steph now have the ability to recognise issues or potential issues faster and know how to deal with them. They are able to manage the business based on facts and statistics and know what to do rather than guessing what the problem might be and having a “stab in the dark”.

Cam and Steph believe the value ID as brought to their business is intangible, because they are still seeing the benefits and have made huge changes, with will fuel exponential growth in turnover, size and potential.

The value ID has brought to our business is at least 5 times more than we have paid, and it’s only been 6 months since we completed the initial program.

And perhaps the most pivotal outcome is that once all the structures were set up, Cam realised that TRADERY could become a multi-trade business, it was something he always wanted to do but had no idea how.

The structure and processes gave us the confidence to be able to open the other businesses.


TRADERY is now a multi-trade operation, offering plumbing, electrical, water extraction, and handyman services. They have 10 staff now – all of whom are highly effective, and a resilient business. Our work together has taught Cam and Steph to more easily identify deficiencies, act quickly, and adapt as required. TRADERY, is a more agile and dynamic business, all-round.

So, what changed for the business owners?

Cam feels they are wiser and have a more mature approach. They have the confidence to confront issues head on and don’t hide or avoid problems like they used to.

We’re a lot more confident in all aspects of the business; decision making, problem solving, staff. We’re not rally fazed by anything anymore”.


Steph loves that they now look at the business more critically – that they are more strategic and calculated and are able to make decisions faster.

“We now talk more about the business – we have stats and ‘to do’ list. We have the right things to look at. Not just jobs and the bank account. Cam would not have previously thought about the running of the business, the numbers etc.”

From where we were to where we are now, I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t worked with you. We would have only been surviving not growing and expanding.


What would I say to anyone thinking of working with ID? You’d be stupid not to do it. We couldn’t have done any of this without them.



  • Year 1- Business Booster Program
  • Year 2- Management System Program and Outsourced Profiling Service