Business Booster Program

The Business Booster Program is the ultimate holistic end-to-end service, incorporating our Management System Program, the policy documentation program as well as taking care of the implementation and training for your team.

Our Management System Program is designed to implement a structured way of running your business. We help you create a sound strategic direction, establishing long-term and short-term goals, as well as providing you with a methodology for achieving those goals. We’ll work with you to create a robust company structure, with clear roles and responsibilities. And we’ll initiate a strategy and process for managing your team, holding everyone accountable. 


This program is for you if you are struggling to realise your vision, create a winning strategy and accomplish your goals. We’ll help you bridge the gap between what’s in your head as the founder and the output your team is producing. Essentially our Management System Program ensures that you achieve what you want – and gain that essential buy-in, engagement, and help from every member of your team.

We’ll create a policy pack for each role and one definitive pack for the business that covers everything each staff member needs to know. We give you a detailed implementation plan which you then work through to ensure that all the documentation is implemented and adopted by your team.


We help you to implement everything into your business as a complete system by holding staff training, management training and facilitating the roll out of all the documentation and structures into the business.


The Business Booster Program is a 12 month, deep dive into your business to get it functioning at an optimum level. It is about creating and implementing all the foundations needed for a business to thrive. It involves training, you taking action, as well as us doing a big portion of the work and implementation.

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Our construction client, Butopia is a high-quality building firm led by husband and wife team, Greg and Amanda.
TRADERY stated out as a plumbing company, priding itself on exceptional quality and efficient, thoughtful service.
Another construction client, Hall Group & Co., led by Cheyne Hall, is an exceptional residential and commercial building company.


It’s our aim to make the ID experience simple, uncomplicated and completely hassle-free for our clients, with a consistency of service and expertise they can trust.

Reine Megalli

Coldline Refrigeration

We have worked closely with Anthea for over 4 years to help streamline, implement and improve our business operations. Anthea helped us evaluate the needs of our business, assess the structure which works best for our needs, look at our current operation, identify areas which need attention and strategically plan to improve and streamline our practices to better our overall efficiency, accountability and reach our goals. We were able to organise, improve and implement policies and procedures so that all team members are working efficiently. By having clearly set policies and procedures, we have been able to communicate clearly to all staff our vision, values and connect this with our day to day operation. It has set a framework for our daily operation which means we all work to achieve the same goals and it takes out the guesswork on how tasks need to be completed. Our internal processes are streamlined and consistent. We are able to clearly outline our company standards and to ensure our entire team is working towards the same goals. Working within the scope we have set, each team member is aware of what their role is, what is expected of them and how they can best fulfil their role consistently.

Having been able to align our vision, values, policies, procedures, expectations and goals has been paramount in improving our daily operation and has allowed us to explore different avenues and options to continually improve our business, our teams engagement and the direction we want our business to take. By having all our Policies and procedures correctly documented, by implementing staff meeting, setting goals, actively working towards achieving our goals, we are able to operate much more efficiently. This then allows us to spend more time developing and growing our business as well as identifying any issues before they arise or any factors which are preventing us from reaching our set goals.

Anthea has taken the stress out of trying to implement these valuable tools in our business ourselves. She has brough with her expertise, experience and knowledge to make this such a valuable learning experience for us. We can now focus on running our business more efficiently.

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